Get your day in court, without going to court

Handle your small claim suit entirely online via video conference. State your case, upload evidence, and get resolution 10x faster. Zeyo is a private, online alternative to small claims court.

File a claim

If you lose your case, we will recommend best practices for next steps. If you are awarded a monetary judgment, we’ll help you process the payment from your opponent so you can move on. Easy-peezy.

Schedule or Settle

After accepting the invitation, your opponent can choose to settle right away, or argue their side via a video conference hearing.  If your opponent chooses to not accept, we'll help you with next steps.

Video Conference Hearing

Once at the hearing, a highly trained, neutral dispute resolution professional will consider the facts, review the evidence, and render a decision that is legally binding.

File your Claim

State your case, upload your evidence, and tell us how much you're seeking in damages through our online platform. We’ll invite your opponent via email and certified mail (if needed) to resolve the dispute on our platform.

How it works
Your process as a claimant.
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How it works
Your process as a respondent.
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"Zeyo helped me get a full refund from my opponent. After many calls to my opponent over the course of a year, they told me that they would not pay. After I filed a claim with Zeyo for a small fee, they got in touch with my opponent and facilitated the payment to me. I would recommend Zeyo to anyone who needs help like I did."

Lorene C, Kansas City MO

Built for everyone

Zeyo makes the litigation process simple to understand for businesses and individuals; no matter if you're suing your friend or a mega-corporation.

Avoid mountains of legal and court fees
Handle your lawsuit at a time and location that's convenient for you
Maintain your privacy and avoid harm to your reputation
Enjoy a simple and speedy process
Efficient litigation management and tracking
Confidential proceedings that protect your company's reputation
Simple, speedy process that reduces legal fees
Online platform eliminates lawyers' travel expenses