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80% of all Americans with a small claim don’t do anything about it.

That's not right.

That means that 8 out of 10 people who have a dispute for $10,000~ or less with their contractor, or a tenant landlord issue, or an issue with breach of contract (and the list goes on)...do nothing.

That's why we built Zeyo.

Whatever is keeping so many people from seeking resolution, whether it’s fear of navigating a complex legal system, not wanting (or being able) to hire a lawyer, not being able to take time off work, get to the court house, or just not knowing how to resolve these issues, millions of people each year go without resolving claims. This means that billions of dollars that people are owed, simply just get tossed away. The social and economic impact of this is massive.

Learn How it Works

Our mission is to provide access to resolution for millions of people through our online dispute resolution platform. That’s pretty much just a fancy way of saying we can help you get fair resolution to your small claim, entirely online.

Who we are

We’re a group of technologists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and social change makers that have come together to solve the critical problem of opening up access to resolution for all.

Liam Stanton
Co-founder, CEO
Daniel Epstein
Matt Hoover
Co-founder, Technologist
David Spielfogel
Founding Board Member
Ameya Pawar
Founding Board Member
Members of the American Bar Association
Investment Partner

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