Fee Schedule

Our mission at Zeyo is to open up access to speedier, cost effective resolution that is not currently available with public courts. In an effort to keep costs low, we have structured our fee schedule per the following:

  • $8 filing fee: we have kept our filing fee extremely low in a concerted effort to lower the barrier of seeking resolution online. The $8 filing fee covers the following:

    • Filing your claim

    • Notifying the opposing party via email and certified mail (if necessary)

    • Hosting your remote hearing with a neutral arbitrator (if applicable)
      *Note: This fee is non-refundable due to the cost incurred from the above.

  • Claimant non-attendance fee: In the event that you fail to appear to a scheduled hearing, Zeyo reserves the right to charge you a non-attendance fee to cover the cost of the neutral arbitrator.

  • In the event that your claim results in a monetary award, a Zeyo service fee will be deducted from that total. This fee helps us maintain our platform and continue our mission to open up access to justice for more people. It covers:

    • Continuous customer service throughout the life of your claim

    • Credit card & processing fees

    • Platform administration

The total of this fee amounts to 12.90% of your total award*. In the event that you are not successful in winning a monetary award for your claim, nothing additional is owed. Further questions can be directed to support@zeyo.co

*Zeyo offers flat fee options for parties who put a Zeyo arbitration clause in their contracts. Contact support@zeyo.co for a quote.