How it works

Having to go to small claims court, whether as a claimant or respondent, stinks. It’s slow, labor intensive, and can be expensive. We built Zeyo to make this process faster, more cost effective and easier, so that you can get on with your life.

Step 1


Make your case

State your case, upload your evidence, and tell us how much you're seeking in damages through our online platform. We’ll invite your opponent via email and certified mail (if needed) to resolve the dispute on our platform.

File a claim
Claimant Claire
Ross Romano
My Complaint
I paid Ross Romano $1,000 to fix my leaking roof. He started the repair two months ago, but stopped without finishing the job after just one day of work. My roof is still leaking and now has caused damage to my carpet. Ross is refusing to finish the job or to pay me for the damage.
Claim Amount

Step 2

Schedule or Settle

Your opponent's choices: Hearing or Settlement

After accepting the invitation, your opponent can choose to Settle Right Away, or argue their side via a video conference hearing.  When someone uses Settle Right Away, they pay immediately to settle the case without a hearing. If your opponent chooses to schedule a hearing, Zeyo will assign an arbitrator to your case. Hearings usually last about 30-minutes. If your opponent chooses to not accept, we'll help you with next steps.

Schedule Your Hearing
Select a date and time for your 30-minute arbitration to happen.
Settle Right Away
Get a settlement contract immediately and avoid a hearing.
15% less than the claim amount

Step 3

Video Conference Hearing

Court on demand

Our highly trained, neutral arbitrators will hear both sides of the case, review the statements & evidence, and render a judgment that is legally binding, and court enforceable.

Anna Hughs

Step 3

Get paid

Award gets processed

Your Settle Now payment or hearing award will be processed and paid out to you as soon as we receive it from your opponent.

Total Award: $2,125

Hurrah, you’ve settled your small claim.

Total Award: $1,000


Our process is about 10x faster than small claims court.


Settle your small claim entirely online.


No need to hire a lawyer, take time off work, go to court, the list goes on.

How it works

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See how it works for a respondent.

How it works
Your process as a respondent.
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Our mission is to increase access to justice for millions of people. We do that by utilizing our Online Dispute Resolution platform, which can resolve disputes faster and easier than typical court processes.

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