Advantages of Zeyo

Don't get stuck in court with expensive legal fees.

neutral online arbitration

Our goal is to make sure you go through this inconvenient process as seamlessly as possible. We have no horse in this race, which is why we give the same resources to you as we do your opponent. Zeyo uses third-party neutral arbitrators that are unbiased, and will make a decision based solely on the merits of the case .

private online arbitration


As opposed to civil courts, where the case is made public, Zeyo ensures the confidentiality of all parties involved. Settle the matter privately, and ensure your business reputation or credit score is not affected.

scheduling online arbitration
Convenient Scheduling

Our system allows you to pick a hearing time that is convenient for you, as opposed to one being chosen for you. Choose a time before or after business hours, on a date that works for you.

legally binding paperwork for online arbitration
Legally Binding Paperwork

Whether you choose to resolve the dispute via a hearing, or choose to Settle Right Away, you will be leaving the process with legally binding paperwork that will ensure the matter is settled for good.

online arbitration

Resolve your case entirely online. No need to make a trip to a courthouse.

cost of online arbitration
More Wallet Friendly

Civil court is expensive. Often, you may be required to pay an “appearance fee,” just to show up. This is in addition to the costs of taking time off work, traveling to the courthouse, and more. With Zeyo, there are no appearance fees. If you choose to Settle Right Away, you actually pay 15% less than the full claim amount. If you choose to go to a hearing and win your case, nothing is owed. If you lose, you will owe the claim amount.

Bad news: a claim has been filed against you

Now here's some good news.

It looks like someone has filed a claim against you, using Zeyo. There are probably very few things worse than having a claim brought against you, but there is one thing we’re certain of: our process is a much, much better alternative to going to civil court. The civil court process is expensive, inconvenient, exhausting, and can be embarrassing. So while having a claim brought against you is never the best, it could be worse: it could have been brought against you in civil court.

Zeyo is a neutral, online court of arbitration that provides a forum for two parties to resolve a dispute. Our process is meant as a last resort before needing to go to civil court. Your opponent has chosen to use our platform to invite you to settle the dispute in front of an arbitrator, or to settle the matter immediately with legally binding paperwork. Our process is neutral, confidential, much quicker than going to court and provides legal paperwork that ensures this matter will be settled once and for all. If you choose to not accept this invitation to resolve the matter on Zeyo, you may end up being sued in civil court. In fact, more than 50% of respondents who chose not to accept the invitation to arbitrate via Zeyo end up being sued in civil court.

How it works

The thought is - settle this dispute in front of a neutral arbitrator before needing to go to court. We have no horse in this race, and will provide the same resources to you as to your opponent. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

View your claim

In the email you received about the claim brought against you, click "View Claim." This will take you to a page that looks like the image on the right. If you received certified mail, go to the URL listed in your mailed documents.

Step 2

Schedule or Settle

Your options to resolve the dispute are to Schedule a Hearing in front of a neutral arbitrator, or to Settle Right Away. If you’d like to schedule a hearing, select that option and a date that is convenient for you. If you’d like to settle the matter with out a hearing, select “Settle Right Away.” This option allows you to settle the matter almost immediately (and at a 15% discount of the claim amount). You will be provided with the legal paperwork that will ensure the matter is settled for good.

Schedule Your Hearing
Select a date and time for your 30-minute arbitration to happen.
Settle Right Away
Get a settlement contract immediately and avoid a hearing.
15% less than the claim amount

Step 3

Video Conference Hearing

If you chose to have a hearing, you will be brought to a case details page. Here, you can upload evidence, add witnesses or authorized representatives, and message the opponent, Zeyo, and the arbitrator as you prepare for your hearing. Our hearings are conducted via video conference with a neutral arbitrator.

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Step 4


On your chosen hearing date and time, a neutral arbitrator will review both sides of the case via video conference, and make a legally binding, court enforceable decision. This decision will come with legal paperwork. If you win your case, nothing is owed. If you lose, you will owe the claim amount.

Binding Decision
How it works

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How it works
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